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2014 Artists

Nils Westergard, Jack Dishel & Vor 138, Matthew Pleva, Anna Rexia, Geddes Jones, Scott Michael Ackerman and a two-day Correspondence SalO+n are just some of what you can expect from the participating artists in this year’s O+ Festival.

Thank Yo+u!

The fifth annual O+ Festival was the best year yet in Kingston, NY this Columbus Day weekend! Stay tuned for photos and read more about it in the press.

2014 Musicians

Freeman, Stick Men, Matt Pond, Young Magic, Arc Iris, Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers, Kevin Devine, Xylouris White, and the return of the band that started it all, Monogold! These are just some of the fantastic acts at the 2014 O+ Festival.

The O+ Festival is a festival of art and music wherein artists exchange their contributions directly for medical, dental, and other wellness services from art-loving health care providers.